April 16, 2004

Cesar Malan

Henri Abraham César Malan 1787-1864

He was a prolific author, a renowned theologian and an indefatigable evangelist, whose labours led him across much of the European continent preaching God's absolute sovereignty. He was very poetic in his writings and through the Spirit spoke to the heart compelling them to reconcile to God. After completing his education, Malan went to Marseilles, France, intending to learn business. But soon after, he entered the Academy at Geneva, in preparation for the ministry, and he was ordained in 1810. He later found himself in conflict with the ecclesiastical powers of Geneva and was forbidden to preach on election and related doctrines. When Malan disagreed with these orders he was expelled from the church. He and some from the church formed a small group that meet in his home then He later joined the Scottish Church in Switzerland and became a long-time pastor of l'Eglise du Témoignage in Geneva. After 1830 he engaged in frequent missionary tours to other parts. In addition to his many missionary works and writings he was also the composer of a large number of hymns, some of which are still used in worship today.

“My Savior’s praises I will sing,
And all His love express;
Whose mercies each returning day
Proclaim His faithfulness.” Everyday I Will Bless you - Hymn by Cesar Malan

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