August 03, 2014

We set up Brush Fire Forum to be an online community composed of hundreds of like-minded individuals providing resources and promoting reasonable conversation about preserving faith, self, family, and community in the turbulent times in which we live.
Brush Fire Forum is a strictly not-for-profit venture, and the content we provide (including frequent contributors who are nationally recognized in their fields, publishing original e-books, and other resources) will always be made available to you FREE of charge and with the encouragement to take its message and share it as you see fit.  We are all passionate about the mission of this site and will continue contributing our own personal time, energy, and money to keep this community running and providing the highest quality of information possible.
To offset some of our cost we are providing ways you can also become involved and help support our growing community. Our objective is raise $1,500 so we can kick start this project and fully fund Brush Fire Forum for one year of powerful digital content, interactive forums, Brush Fire Pamphlets, books, and other publications. We would never ask you to contribute money without receiving something in return, so we have created an online fundraising page at Indiegogo to offer you some exciting "perks" in exchange for various levels of donations. 
Next Tuesday - April 23rd - we will be hosting an "Online Give-day."  Our goal for this single day is to raise the donations necessary to fund the operations of Brush Fire Forum for one year.
We ask that you please pledge your support and help us promote what we expect to be a great kickoff and the spark of a raging Brush Fire heard 'round the world.
Thank You,
Brush Fire Forum Team