September 30, 2004

Progress by author unknown

Until I learned to trust;
I did not learn to pray,
And I did not learn to fully trust;
till sorrows came my way.

Until I felt my weakness;
His strength I never knew,
Nor dreamed till I was stricken;
that He would see me through.

Who deepest drinks of sorrow;
drinks deepest too of grace,
He sends the storm so He Himself;
can be our hiding place.

His heart that seeks our highest good;
knows well when things annoy,
We would not long for heaven;
if earth held only joy.

September 29, 2004

Thus Says the Lord by CH Spurgeon

“Thus says the Lord” is the only authority in God’s Church.

The faintest whisper of Jehovah's voice should fill us with solemn awe, and command the deepest obedience of our souls. Brethren, how careful should we be that we do not set up in God’s church anything in opposition to his Word, that we do not permit the teachings of a creature to usurp the honor due to the Lord alone.

“Thus says antiquity.”
“Thus says authority.”
“Thus says learning.”
“Thus says experience.”
-these are but idol-gods which defile the church of God!

Be it yours and mine as bold warriors to dash them in pieces without mercy, seeing that they usurp the place of the Word of God.

“Thus says the Lord,”
-this is the motto of our standard; the war-cry of our spiritual conflict; the sword with which we hope yet to smite through the loins of the mighty who rise up against God’s truth.

“Thus says the Lord God.” This is the trowel, and this the hammer of God’s builders; this the trumpet of his watchmen and the sword of his warriors. Woe to the man who comes in any other name!

If we, or an angel from heaven, shall preach unto you anything but a “Thus says the Lord,” no matter what our character or standing, give no heed to us, but cleave unto the truth as it is in Jesus. To the law and to the testimony, if we speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in us. That test which we demand to be exercised upon others we cheerfully consent to be exercised upon ourselves, praying that we may have grace to forsake our errors as we would have other men forsake theirs.

We will listen to the opinions of great men with the respect which they deserve as men, but having so done, we deny that we have anything to do with these men as authorities in the Church of God, for there nothing has any authority, but “Thus says the Lord of hosts.” Yes, if you shall bring us the concurrent consent of all tradition- if you shall quote precedents venerable with fifteen, sixteen, or seventeen centuries of antiquity, we burn the whole as so much worthless lumber, unless you put your finger upon the passage
of Holy Writ which warrants the matter to be of God.

To the true Church of God the only question is this, is there “Thus says the Lord” for it? And if divine authority be not forthcoming, faithful men thrust forth the intruder as the cunning craftiness of men. Let us use much of Scripture, much of the pure silver of sacred revelation, and no human alloy. “What is the chaff to the wheat, says the Lord?” Many sorrows shall be to those who dare to dash themselves against the thick bosses of Jehovah's buckler by opposing his “Thus says the Lord.” Upon whomsoever this stone shall fall it shall grind him to powder, and whosoever shall fall upon it shall be broken to his own lasting damage.

O! my brethren, I would that we trembled and stood more in awe of God’s Word. I fear that many treat the things of God as though they were merely matters of opinion, but remember that opinion cannot govern in God’s house. God’s Word, not man’s opinion, claims your allegiance. O for a stern integrity that will hold the Word and will never depart from it, come what may.

September 28, 2004


Paul wrote in Heb. 10:25, "Let us not forsake the assembling of ourselves together." It is the duty of all believers to meet together for worship, praise, study, and fellowship.

(1) BECAUSE OF GOD, Who has appointed worship, Who approves of it, Who is glorified in it, and Who should be worshipped.
(2) BECAUSE OF OURSELVES. We need to "draw nigh to God," to "seek His face," to praise, pray, and be refreshed and comforted - with other believers.
(3) BECAUSE OF OTHERS--our families, friends, and neighbors who may, by our example and encouragement, be brought to seek the Lord.

But worship is not only a duty and commandment, worship is a BLESSED PRIVILEGE. David wrote, "Blessed is the man whom Thou choosest and causest to approach unto Thee, that he may dwell in Thy courts." We are blessed to have the DESIRE to worship God and hear His word . We are blessed to have the FREEDOM to go to the place of worship. We are blessed to have a FAMILY OF BELIEVERS with whom to meet and worship,. We are blessed to haveELDERS AND PREACHERS called of God to preach to us and teach us the word. We are blessed to have the PHYSICAL STRENGTH to go to the house of the Lord and worship. "Blessed INDEED is the man whom Thou choosest and causest to approach unto Thee."

September 24, 2004

See the old man rise and fume! By (author unknown)

We must have . . .
our idols exposed,
our lusts dragged forth from their holes,
our carnal religion made loathsome in our eyes,
our own righteousness shown to be filthy rags.

Heart-searching preaching, where it does not convince, is sure to offend. Nothing is so cutting to an unrenewed heart, especially when there is a decent outside, as to have its rottenness exposed, its refuge of lies swept away, and the pillow of 'forms' whereon it was sleeping removed from under its head. Whoever attempts this, must expect to see the old man rise and fume.

September 23, 2004

Poor ephemeral things which cannot last by J. C. Ryle

"For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal." 2 Corinthians 4:18

"This world and all it contains will pass away." 1 Corinthians 7:31

We live in a world where all things are temporary and passing away. We are all "going, going, going," whether high or low, rich or poor, old or young. We are all going--and shall soon be gone! What is our life? It is a vapor! So soon passes it away, and we are gone!

Humbling and painful as these truths may sound, it is good for us to realize them and lay them to heart. The houses we live in, the homes we love, the riches we accumulate, the professions we follow, the plans we form, the relations we enter into, they are only for a time. The things you live for now are all temporary and passing away. The pleasures, the amusements, the recreations, the merry-makings, the profits, the earthly callings, which now absorb all your heart, and drink up all your mind, will soon be over. They are poor ephemeral things which cannot last.

Oh, do not love them not too much!
Do not grasp them too tightly!
Do not make them your idols!
You cannot keep them, and you must leave them!

"Set your affections on things above, not on things on the earth." Col. 3:2

September 21, 2004

This I Know by Grace Watkins

I do not know the depths of love it took to die on Calvary;
I do not know the shame and grief He suffered there to set me free.
Nor can I tell how bitter was His cup in dark Getsemane,
The pain He bore – heartbroken, poor; But this I know:
He died for me!

I know not why that for my sins His precious blood so freely flows,
Nor fathom why the Lord of All did not such cruel death oppose.
I cannot understand the power which triumphed over death and foes.
They sealed His tomb midst dark’ning gloom; but this I know:
For me He rose!

I do not know why oftentimes the skies are dark and overcast;
Nor why, in grave temptations, all my problems seem so hard, so vast.
I cannot tell what things may come – sore heartaches, all my hopes to blast
The shades of night obscure the light; but this I know:
He’ll hold me fast.

September 05, 2004


What must I do to be saved? Saved from what? What is it You wish to be saved from? Hell? That proves nothing. Nobody wants to go there. The issue between God and man is SIN. Do you wish to be saved from it?

What is sin? Sin is a species of rebellion against God. It is self-pleasing; it is the utter ignoring of God's claims, being completely indifferent whether my conduct pleases or displeases Him.

Before God saves a man, He convicts him of his sinnership. By this I do not mean that he says with everybody else, "Oh yes, we are all sinners, I know that." Rather do I mean that the Holy Spirit makes me feel in my heart that I have been a life-long rebel against God, and that my sins are so many, so great, so black, that I fear that I have transgressed beyond the reach of divine mercy.

Have you ever had that experience? Have you seen yourself to be totally unfit for heaven? For the presence of a Holy God? Do you now perceive that there is no good thing in you, nothing good credited to your account, that all the way through you have loved the things God hates and hated the things God loves?

Has the realization of this broken your heart before God? Has it made you MOURN that you have so despised His mercies, misused His blesings, broken His Sabbaths, neglected His word, and given Him no real place at all in your thoughts, affections and life? If you have not yet seen and felt this personally, then at present there is no hope for you, for God says, "Except ye repent, ye shalt all likewise perish" (Luke 13:3). And if you die in your present condition, you will be lost forever.
But if you have been brought to the place where sin is your greatest plague, where offending God is your greatest grief, and where your deepest desire is now to please and honor Him, then there is hope for you" "The Son of man came to seek and to save that which was lost" (Luke 19:10). And He will save you, providing you are ready and willing to throw down the weapons of your warfare against Him, bow to His Lordship, and surrender yourself to His control.

His blood can wash the foulest clean. His grace can support and uphold the weakest. His power can deliver the tried and tempted. "Behold NOW is the accepted time; behold, NOW. is the day of salvation" (2 Cor. 6:2). Yield yourself to Christ's claims. Give Him the throne of your heart. Turn over to Him the regulation of your life. "Trust in His atoning death. Love Him with all your soul. Obey Him with all your might and He will conduct you to heaven."

"Believe on the LORD Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved"(Acts 16:31)

September 04, 2004

The Sovereign Electing Grace of God! By Spurgeon

None of us have any right to God's mercy.

Election is an indisputable truth of Christianity, and one full of the richest comfort to the child of God- one which is intended to kindle in him perpetual flames of adoring gratitude. It is a truth which lays him low, and makes him feel that there is nothing in him, and then raises him up and bids him, like a seraph, adore before the throne!

Distinguishing grace is a fact; prize this truth and hold it firmly. Thank God that you are made a partaker of his eternal love. The sovereign electing grace of God chooses us to repentance, to faith, and afterwards to holiness of living, to Christian service, to zeal, and to devotion.

Election should be to you savory meat such as Isaac's soul loved; and as you feed upon it you will become like the three holy children in Babylon, both fatter and fairer and more lovely than those who have not received this precious truth.

September 03, 2004


Consider how Christ, the Son of God, by Himself, has certainly purged His people from their sins. He was delivered up for their offenses, and He was raised again for their justification. Try to grasp the extent to which He saved and redeemed (before God) the people on whose behalf He had been smitten of God. He redeemed them as effectively as a benefactor who secured the release from prison of a debtor, by first assuming responsibility for his debt and then cancelling it BY PAYING IT IN FULL!

Gaze in wonder and adoration on this sovereign love of God, who loved those whom it pleased Him to love. He was not pleased simply to invite them to be saved nor to make salvation possible for them. No, the Lord has actually saved and redeemed them in the Lord Jesus Christ because He, being one with them, passed through the hell and condemnation that should have been theirs. HE HAS GIVEN THEM HIS LIFE, HAVING TAKEN THEIR DEATH ON HIMSELF!

In view of this salvation that has been accomplished by our Saviour, I am not afraid to say to you who are near to entering His presence, "Rejoice in anticipation of the glory which you already possess by faith; for this is the pledge which God Himself has given to the elect of His sovereign love, which was already theirs in Christ Jesus even before time began." I speak of a salvation which has either already been accomplished by our Saviour, or else it never will be.

September 02, 2004

The best sermons! By CH Spurgeon

The best sermons are the sermons which are most full of Christ.

A sermon without Christ....
it is an awful, a horrible thing;
it is an empty well;
it is a cloud without rain;
it is a tree twice dead, plucked by the roots.

It is an abominable thing to give men stones for bread, and scorpions for eggs, and yet they do so who preach not Jesus. A sermon without Christ! As well talk of a loaf of bread without any flour in it. How can it feed the soul?

Men die and perish because Christ is not there, and yet His glorious gospel is the easiest thing to preach, and the sweetest thing to preach; there is most variety in it, there is more attractiveness in it than in all the world besides!

September 01, 2004

An boundless capacity of wickedness by J.C. Ryle

But Peter said, "Man, I don't know what you are talking about." And as soon as he said these words, the rooster crowed. Luke 22:60

The best and highest believer is a poor weak creature, even at his best times. Whether he knows it or not, he carries within him an almost boundless capacity of wickedness, however fair and decent his outward conduct may seem. There is no enormity of sin into which he may not run, if he does not watch and pray, and if the grace of God does not hold him up.

When we read the falls of Noah, Lot, and Peter, we only read what might possibly befall any of ourselves! Let us never presume. Let us never indulge in high thoughts about our own strength, or look down upon others. Whatever else we pray for, let us daily pray that we may walk humbly with God.

"Hold me up, and I shall be safe!" Ps. 119:117