September 04, 2004

The Sovereign Electing Grace of God! By Spurgeon

None of us have any right to God's mercy.

Election is an indisputable truth of Christianity, and one full of the richest comfort to the child of God- one which is intended to kindle in him perpetual flames of adoring gratitude. It is a truth which lays him low, and makes him feel that there is nothing in him, and then raises him up and bids him, like a seraph, adore before the throne!

Distinguishing grace is a fact; prize this truth and hold it firmly. Thank God that you are made a partaker of his eternal love. The sovereign electing grace of God chooses us to repentance, to faith, and afterwards to holiness of living, to Christian service, to zeal, and to devotion.

Election should be to you savory meat such as Isaac's soul loved; and as you feed upon it you will become like the three holy children in Babylon, both fatter and fairer and more lovely than those who have not received this precious truth.