May 26, 2006

Henry T Mahan DVD Ministry

Henry T Mahan DVD Ministry

Todds Road Grace Church
4137 Todds Road
Lexington, KY 40509


For over 30 years Pastor Henry Mahan delivered a weekly television message. Each message ran for 27 minutes and was widely broadcast. We were fortunate enough to gain access to the original professional broadcast master tapes and have converted all that were reasonably preserved to DVD format. In all we have converted over 300 messages. We have taken great care to obtain the best possible quality given the problems associated with old video tape.

We are now ready to make these messages available to you. Initially we are offering the first 100 messages on 20 DVDs. These 20 DVDs are priced at US $50 including shipping within the continental USA. So as to keep costs down the DVDs will not ship in a case such as this one but will ship in a single soft DVD case.

Duplication of DVDs is a very time consuming process so we plan on performing duplication in bulk; accordingly this is a limited time offer. Orders received after July 1st 2006 may not be fulfilled. DVDs ordered will not ship until duplication is complete. We estimate this will be mid summer. We do not plan on duplicating this set of DVDs again in the future. Once the first 20 DVDs have been duplicated we hope to be able to make available the remaining DVDs in batches of 20.

If you wish to order, please make your check for $50 payable to Todds Road Grace Church DVD Ministry and mail the checks to the address above. If you wish to be kept informed of future releases please include your email address. Profits, if any, from this program will be forwarded to missionaries whom Pastor Mahan has supported for many years.

Free preproduction sample DVDs may still be available. If you would like to view a sample DVD please write to us or consult with your pastor. If you have a sample DVD please do not let the DVD sit on a shelf; pass it on after viewing so that others can benefit from Pastor Mahan's preaching.

Finally please note that this is not a commercial venture and subtitles are not available. Only NTSC versions are being offered.

May 24, 2006

God’s will first by Horatius Bonar

Man's heart is enmity to God,– to God as revealed in the Gospel,– to God as the God of grace. What truth can there be in the assertion that all the sinner's distrust of God and darkness of spirit arise from his not seeing God as the God of grace? I grant that oftentimes this is the case. I know that it is very frequently misapprehension of God's merciful character, as seen and pledged in the cross of Christ, that is the cause of darkness to the anxious soul, and that a simple sight of the exceeding riches of the grace of God would dispel these clouds; but that is very different from saying that such a sight, apart from the renewing energy of the Spirit upon the soul, would change man's enmity into confidence and love. For we know that the unrenewed will is set against the Gospel; it is enmity to God and His truth. The more closely and clearly truth is set before it, and pressed home upon it, its hatred swells and rises. The presentation of truth, however forcible and clear, even though that truth were the grace of God, will only exasperate the unconverted man. It is the Gospel that he hates; and the more clearly it is set before him he hates it the more. It is God that he hates; and the more closely God approaches him, the more vividly God is set before him, the more does his enmity awaken and augment. Surely, then that which stirs up enmity cannot of itself remove it. Of what avail, then, are the most energetic means by themselves? The will itself must be directly operated upon by the Spirit of God: He who made it must remake it. Its making was the work of Omnipotence: its remaking must be the same. In no other way can its evil bent be rectified. God's will must come into contact with man's will, and then the work is done. Must not God's will then be first in every such movement? Man's will follows; it can not lead.
by Horatius Bonar (1808-1889)
Scottish minister and hymn writer

May 22, 2006

God’s will and man’s will by Horatius Bonar

"Cannot I do with you as the potter? saith the Lord. Behold, as the clay is in the potter's hand, so are ye in my hand, O house of Israel." – Jer. 18:6.

Nothing that is good can exist which God did not will to be, and nothing that is evil can exist which God did not will to allow. The will of God goes before all other wills. It does not depend on them, but they depend on it. It's movements regulate them. The "I will" of Jehovah, is that which sets in motion everything in heaven and in earth. The "I will" of Jehovah, is the spring and the origin of all that is done throughout the universe, great and small, among things animate and inanimate. It was this "I will" that brought angels into being, and still sustains them. It was this "I will" that was the origin of salvation to a lost world. It was this "I will" that provided a Redeemer, and accomplished redemption. It was this "I will" that begins, and carries on, and ends salvation in each soul that is redeemed. It is this "I will" that opens the blind eye, and unstops the deaf ear. It was this "I will" that awakens the slumberer, and raises the dead. I do not mean that, merely generally speaking, God has declared His will concerning these things: but each individual conversion, nay, and each movement that forms part of it, originates in this supreme "I will". When Jesus healed the leper, He said, "I will, be thou clean"; so when a soul is converted, there is the same distinct and special forthputting of the Divine will, "I will, be thou converted". Everything that can be called good in man, or in the universe, originates in the "I will" of Jehovah.
by Horatius Bonar (1808-1889)
Scottish minister and hymn writer

May 17, 2006

Still True Today by Ralph Barnard

One encouraging sign of the times in our day is that SOME are beginning to examine modern evangelism. Burdened, weary of trying to pastor and motivate unsaved church members, preachers are ALMOST at the place of resorting to the Bible message and method of evangelism and missions. It may be that the time is not far off when many books will be shelved and "The Book of Books" will be preached again, when preachers will quit trying to fill the pews and begin to FILL THE PULPIT, when pastors will cease to be men pleasers searching for a better place and become prophets of God seeking His face! If this happens, lawless rebels will no longer talk of patronizing the Son of God, debate whether or not they will let Him in their hearts to save them, accept Jesus as their saviour while they bow to the idols of materialism. But we will hear cries from smitten hearts which were heard in days gone by—'Men and brethren, what shall we do?" "Lord, if You will, You can make me clean." "Lord, be merciful to me, a sinner." "Lord, remember me when You come into Your kingdom."

One of the championship football teams of the past had a coach who would come into the locker room at half-time, when the team was down by two touchdowns, and say (if you will pardon the expression),"Alright, men, it's gut-sucking time." Every preacher knows what that means! It's time to quit counting the cost and start paying the price! It's time to quit building the kingdom and start tearing up some false foundations! It's time to quit getting everybody saved and start getting somebody lost!

by Rolfe Barnard