April 24, 2004

A. W. Pink

Arthur W. Pink 1886 – 1952

It seems that Christian preachers who gave close attention to God’s Word, preaching Christ alone and not avoiding theological issues such as predestination, were frequently set aside in their times. That was what happened to A. W. Pink an able speaker whose constant desire was to magnify his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Pink’s ‘home’ was with the Puritans of centuries before, and with C. H. Surgeon of the previous century. Then it was from those directions that he became acutely aware of the dangers to the Gospel from the Pre-millennialism and Dispensationalist of American Fundamentalism. Pink had been a student of the Scofield Reference Bible from soon after the first edition was issued in 1909 with several of his early books demonstrated his attachment. Then in 1933 he repudiated those notions; not hesitating to call them demonic. This change in views and public rebuke irritated many preachers at the time. He struggled with issues inside his own Baptist congregations as well. His continuous message was God’s sovereign grace in salvation and man’s responsibility in servitude to the Lord. With this message to some denominations believed him to be hyper-Calvinistic while others hearing the same message suspected that he harbored a dangerous Arminisim. During decades, when very few would tolerate his discerning Bible examinations, he taught plainly and faithfully. His writings were clear to the point and overflowed with grace. From early pages on his first book through the final pages of his last one Pink never evaded issues nor minced words. He spoke with and wrote with true convictions in his pen. Arthur Walkington Pink was born in Nottingham, England, to Christian parents. Resolving not to enter some British theological college he traveled to the United States of America to attend the Moody Institute in Chicago. That only lasted two months and the impatient man moved to Colorado preaching in a mining community. Other pastorates followed in California, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and finally in Australia. During this time, and times to come, he never really found a home and went months without preaching to any souls on many occasions. At the end of that he noted: “We have not opened our mouth in public a single time during 1937.” After rejections in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom he traveled to Scitland and sent his remaining years and devoted further decades writing his monthly magazine, “Studies in the Scriptures,” from his always humble rented home. It became clear to him that his future ministry would be this magazine. He faithfully published his monthly magazine even though during its 12 years it never reached more than 1,000 homes at any one stage. In 32 years while he studied assiduously, engaged in a remarkably extensive correspondence, the Editor wrote 2,000 articles averaging four pages each. That provided a great resource of Reformed literature, which contributed to many of his 55 books

“The work unto which the servant of Christ is called is many-sided. Not only is he to preach the Gospel to the unsaved, to feed God's people with knowledge and understanding, and to take up the stumbling stone out of their way, but he is also charged to "cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and show My people their transgression". While another important part of his commission is stated in, "Comfort ye, My people, said your God".” – A.W. Pink

“In preaching to the unsaved I never did anything more than I do in my articles: presented the truth of God so far as I knew it, and left it to the Holy Spirit to apply and bless it as he saw well. I never held any ‘after meetings’, never asked sinners to signify by any outward sign they had accepted Christ or desired to be prayed for. If any waited behind to speak with me, I told them frankly I would not help them, and urged them to go home and read God’s Word. Nor did Spurgeon use any of those Arminian methods of ‘casting out the net’, ‘penitent forms’, etc., for the simple but sufficient reason that neither Christ not his apostles ever did so! Needless to say I was often criticized: yet God was pleased to honour my faith as the Day to come will show.” - A. W. Pink

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