April 25, 2004

J.C. Ryle

John Charles Ryle 1816 – 1900

Bishop Ryle was a prolific writer. The author of numerous tracts and books of which “Knots United” is one of is best known. He was a fearless defender of the evangelical reformed faith as expressed in his book “Thirty-nine articles of religion”. He had a God given ability to speak to the truth without wavering while seasoning his speech with salt so that all received with some comfort. His style was devotional without sacrificing sound doctrine. His method is scriptural and expository. He was born in Macclefiled, England and educated at Christ Church in Oxford. He was ordained by Bishop Sumner at Winchester. During His lifetime he planted 40 churches throughout England and Scotland, pastured countless perishes, and spent much of his time writing. His leadership was sound and sensible persuading many legalist not to isolate themselves from the main-stream of Church life by boycotting church congress. It wasn’t until later in his life, at age 64, that he finally became a Bishop of a new perish in Liverpool. Among his countless writings many are short reads of less than 50 pages which he called tracts. Among these are “Duties of Parents” and “A Call to Prayer”.

"I sometimes fear if Christ were on earth now, there are not a few who would think his preaching legal; and if Paul were writing his epistles, there are those who would think he had better not write the latter part of most of them as he did. But let us remember that the Lord Jesus DID speak the Sermon on the Mount, and that the Epistle to the Ephesians contains six chapters and not four." – J. C. Ryle

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