April 17, 2004

George Whitefield

George Whitefield 1714-1770

He was a gifted English preacher and writer with a recurring intimate note of “My breathern, I beseech you”. Whitefield theme in all of his writings is the basic evangelical message of man’s irremediable sinfulness and Christ’s effective salvation. Born at Gloucester, he was educated there and at Pembroke College in Oxford where associated with those who formed the “Holy Club” and who would later be known as the first Methodist. He was subsequently ordained and later went to Georgia to meet up with John Wesley. This association with Wesley early on quickly gave way to differences in their views of salvation. Wesley adopted the Arminian interpretation and Whitefield the Calvinistic.

“Suffer me not then to go away without my errand; as it is the last time I shall speak to you, let me not speak in vain; but let a sense of the divine goodness lead you to repentance.” – George Whitefield farewell sermon

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