March 14, 2005

He has guided our feet there! By Octaviuos Winslow

Broad is the road to destruction, and many go therein; narrow is the road that leads to glory, and there are few, comparatively, who find it, happy few! And, oh, what a mercy that He has guided our feet there! Our souls and bodies ought to be devoted to Him, to glorify Him for His distinguishing grace! For what are we more than others, that He should fix His everlasting love upon us while we were dead in trespasses and in sins?

Blessed be God, who passes by so many, and who has deigned to look upon us who were lying as others, dead in sin. Infinite in sovereignty, infinite in goodness, infinite in power! Why He passes by some and calls others is only known to Himself. But He will have mercy upon whom He will have mercy. Blessed, forever blessed, be His adored name!
Oh, for grace to serve Him better, and to love Him more!

By Octaviuos Winslow