March 21, 2005

God's Way by Don Fortner

Perhaps you think viewing the Passion of the Christ you may see how real His death was or that, "The Lord might use this movie to bring some to faith in Christ." After viewing this movie, I am sure that many will convert to papacy and some may unite with Protestant and Baptist churches; but none will be converted by it. None were even converted by watching the actual event of the crucifixion.

The physical sufferings of Christ, those things inflicted upon him by wicked men, did not accomplish our redemption and satisfy the justice of God. Our redemption was accomplished by our Redeemer's death, when he, by his one sacrifice for sin, satisfied the wrath and justice of God and put away the sins of his people. But it is not by his death alone that we are saved, justified, and declared holy and righteous before God. His death was but the finishing work of his life of obedience as our Representative and Substitute, by which the Son of God brought in everlasting righteousness for us.

Gospel preaching, not drama, is God's ordained means of calling his elect to faith in Christ. Salvation cannot be had without it. And gospel preaching is not reminding people of the historic fact of the cross and the physical agonies of our Redeemer on the cross. Gospel preaching is the declaration of justice satisfied and redemption accomplished by Christ's sin-atoning death. Gospel preaching is not playing on the emotions of people to trick them into religion. Gospel preaching is convincing sinners of sin, and righteousness, and judgment finished by the effectual accomplishments of the omnipotent Lamb of God.

The cross is over. The sufferings of Christ are finished. Redemption is done. It does not need reenactment, but proclamation. The reenactment of the crucifixion is nothing less or more than the observance of the superstitious papal mass served up Hollywood style. by Don Fortner