November 30, 2004

God Must be Glorified by Doug Weaver

The Bible clearly teaches that salvation is not by works or human merit lest anyone should boast. We just do not have anything to boast about. We also see from the Bible that God has created the world for His own glory. God must be glorified because He is in character and essence a glorious being. Thus in the salvation of the redeemed the glorious aspects of God's mercy, His grace, His compassion, His long-suffering, His kindness, and His love are revealed and God is glorified. But in the just condemnation of the wicked, the glorious aspect of God's justice, holiness, and righteousness are also manifested and God is glorified. But from our perspective, we see all this from our depraved, sinful eyes which make it hard to understand except the Holy Spirit enlighten us. God is just, holy, and righteous and has a natural hatred towards sin because sin is evil. When these qualities are manifested in the just condemnation of sinners, God, in His justice, is glorified. Therefore, both in the electing of some and the passing by of others, God is glorified.