November 09, 2004

And He Did Eat by Tim James

This is one of the most awesome and profound statements in all of the word God “and he did eat”. There was no tempting of Adam; there were no slick words, no whisper from the tempter. Here our father, our representative, our federal head did eat. With open rebellion and disobedience, he did eat. Without regard for the consequence, he did eat. With murderous efficiency, he did eat. He did eat and the earth became a funeral home, the ground became a cemetery, every boulder a tombstone, and every flower a memorial decoration of the whited sepulcher. He did eat and sin and death entered the world. He did eat, and you and I did eat. He was proved a sinner and from that day forth, from his loins came forth fruit after his kind and after his likeness and bearing the same seed. He did eat and that image of God in which He was created was marred beyond repair. He did eat and his mind, his rational thought processes, his ability to communicate with God in any right manner was lost. He did eat and he did die spiritually. He did eat and authority turned to slavery. He did eat and union became a chasm, a great gulf fixed. He did eat and loved turned into hate, life into death, peace into war, mirth into malice, health into malady, sweet into bitter, joy into sorrow, worship into fear, delight into desolation, kindness into calumny, and opened eyes that beheld only blackness and darkness. And He did eat and the fruit turned to gall and wormwood on his palate. He did eat, relishing the pleasure for a season and in the end it brought forth death. He did eat.