November 15, 2004


I recently received a letter from a little idol shop (a place which distributes little "good luck" gods - crosses - angels - lapel pins, etc). The letter requested permission from me to send each of you a "God loves you" pin. A portion of my reply is below. I hope each of you understand why we do not use religious trinkets, bumper stickers, and silly cliches to promote holy things and divine truth.

Dear _______,
Thank you for your offer; but no, you may not have my permission to send my church family or friends your pins. I sincerely hope you will seriously reconsider what you are doing. Where in the Word of God do you find anyone telling unbelieving sinners that God loves them. To tell a person God loves him is to assure him that everything is okay, that he will certainly be with the Lord in eternity, that he will be saved at last.

If that is not the implication you intend by such a statement, the other necessary implication is utterly blasphemous. -- It is that the love of God is meaningless and irrelevant! If God loves the damned, his love is, of necessity, useless.
Also, the sale, use, or distribution of religious trinkets is nothing less than idolatry. It is for that reason that you cannot find anyone engaging in such frivolity in the Scriptures, except those who worshipped trinket gods.
Please forgive me if this seems a bit strong to you. I have deliberately stated things in such a way as to insure your attention, and to do my best to make certain that you cannot forget what you have read. If we would worship and serve the God of Holy Scripture, we must worship and serve him in SPIRIT (Spiritually and by his Spirit) and in TRUTH (As he has revealed himself in Holy Scripture). If I can help you in the pursuit of the knowledge of the living, eternal God in Christ, please do not hesitate to contact me again. I am yours in the cause of Christ,

By God's Free and Sovereign Grace,