August 01, 2004

Purpose of God by Don Fortner

The Lord our God is a God of purpose-absolute and unalterable purpose. God's purpose must and shall be accomplished. Before the world was made, before time began, almighty God sovereignly purposed all that comes to pass. Everything that is, has been, and shall here after be, was purposed by God from eternity. Everything in the universe is moving toward the predestined end of God’s eternal purpose with absolute, precision and accuracy. Everything that comes to pass in time was purposed by our God in eternity.
(1.) The purpose of God is eternal.
(2.) The purpose of God includes all things.
(3.) The purpose of God has for its particular design the spiritual and eternal benefit ofGod's elect. Everything God has purposedis for the ultimate, spiritual, and eternal blessedness of his covenant people.
(4.) The purpose of God is immutable and sure.That which comes to pass in time is exactly what God purposed from eternity.
(5.) In its ultimate end, God’s purpose will accomplish the eternal salvation of his electand the glory of his own great name.
All God’s elect shall be saved. Not one of Christ’s sheep shall perish. Every sinner redeemed by blood shall besaved by grace and crowned with glory. The purpose of God demands it. The law of God demands it. Justice satisfied, cannot punish those for whom it has been satisfied.