August 28, 2006

He makes us willing by Aitken

taken from Spugeon sermon notes -

I heard a friend of mine, not long ago, relate an incident, which I will venture to repeat, as well as I remember it. He was having an earnest conversation, upon the necessity of full consecration, with a lady who professed to know Christ as her Saviour, but shrank from yielding herself to Him. At last she said, with more outspoken honesty, I am afraid, than many who mean exactly the same thing display, “I don’t want to give myself right over to Christ; for, if I were to do so, who knows what He might do with me? For aught I know, he might send me to China.” Years passed away when my friend received a most deeply interesting letter from this very lady, telling of how her long conflict with God had come to an end, and what happiness and peace she now felt by the grace of God in the complete surrender of herself to her Lord; and referring to her former conversation she said, “And now I am my own no longer, the Lord has made me willingly over to God without reserve, and He is sending me to China!” By W.H.M.H. Aitken