June 22, 2005

The Word of This Salvation by Chris Cunningham

We see from the context what this word is. It is concerning Jesus, the promised Savior (vs. 23) and Him crucified (vs. 29) by Whom is the forgiveness of sins (vs. 38) through faith in Him alone, without the deeds of the law (vs. 39). This is the gospel of free grace through faith in the crucified Redeemer. The word is life (Phil. 2:16) and by divine, distinguishing grace these people could be told, it is sent to you!

There are vast multitudes of whom this could never be said. Psalm 147:19 He sheweth his word unto Jacob, his statutes and his judgments unto Israel. 20 He hath not dealt so with any nation: and as for his judgments, they have not known them. Praise ye the Lord. Even today, there are many people who have never heard, and probably never will hear, the truth as it is in Christ Jesus. Even many who have the Bible, God’s complete and infallible revelation of Himself, have not the word of this salvation in the sense that we do!

What greater blessing could God bestow upon any sinner than to send to him the word of salvation? This good news from a far country is vital and refreshing as cold waters to a thirsty soul. It is thus with you and me? Could we live without the gospel? If so, then surely our life is death. Sooner could this flesh thrive without water than my soul without the water of life! For my flesh is meat indeed, and my blood is drink indeed. John 6:55 There is no substitute for HIM. This world has nothing that can sustain us; give us Christ or we perish!

What cause for endless praise and thanks! While the masses starve for lack of bread, we feast upon bread from heaven itself, without any want. What grace that of all the peoples upon this earth, the word of this salvation is sent...to you.

O Thou whose bounty fills my cup
With every blessing meet!
I give thee thanks for every drop
The bitter and the sweet.

By Chris Cunningham