January 19, 2005

Sovereignty - Success - Substitution - Satisfaction by Don Bell

Meditate today on these four words, as they relate to the death of our Lord Jesus Christ, by which we are redeemed: SOVEREIGNTY –SUCCESS – SUBSTITUTION – SATISFACTION. Here are four Words that will both instruct and comfort your hearts, and inspire your hearts with Thanksgiving and praise to the Lord Jesus Christ for his great redemption.

The first word is SOVEREIGNTY – Our Lord's work of redemption was an act of Divine sovereignty. "He laid down his life for us." There was nothing in us which compelled him, or moved him to redeem us. He voluntarily laid down his Life for us, because it was the free and sovereign pleasure of his love to do so.

The second is SUCCESS – Because our Redeemer is the eternal, sovereign God: we are assured that his death and his redemptive work is a success, and not a failure. The prophecy has been fulfilled - "He shall not fail." Whatever the Lord Jesus Christ intended to accomplish at Calvary, he has accomplished.

The third is SUBSTITUTION – The Lord Jesus Christ died as a Substitute for a particular people. And those people for whom Christ stood as a substitute at Calvary, bearing their sins and enduring the wrath of God in their place shall never perish. They are redeemed!

The fourth is SATISFACTION – Our blessed Savior's one, substitutionary sacrifice for our sins has completely and perfectly satisfied the wrath and justice of God against us. His sacrifice was infinitely meritorious, so that every sinner who believes on Christ is freely justified and fully pardoned. by Donald Bell