January 26, 2005

Blood-drenched Book by John Roden

The Bible is a blood-drenched Book throughout – the story of blood redemption in the Lord Jesus Christ is pre-figured, prophesied, or told from the early chapters of its first book of Genesis after man’s fall, right on through both Old and New Testaments, including the Book of Revelation, its last Book. (Rev 5:9, 7:14, 12:11)

In this regard, I would like to quote Dr. M.R. DeHan (1891-1965)
“When we are accused of preaching a Gospel of blood, we plead guilty to the charge, for the only thing that gives life to our teaching and power to the Word of God is the fact that it is the blood which is the very life and power of the Gospel. From Genesis to Revelation we see the stream of blood which imparts to this Book the very life of God”

exert from John Roden ‘The Sovereign Grace of God in Salvation’