April 16, 2001

In Memory of Donald James Wilson

Cancer! A replusive word invoking fear. Yet neath my ribs the horrid thing is growing there.
For nearly a year the doctor treid with chemicals to kill the thing inside.

I trusted the Lord and His providing of doctors & medicine till at last deciding
through prayerful thought, to close the door on the painful treatments and take no more

I thanked the Lord for the thing He sent, but in hypocrisy it was not meant.
My heart accepted what God would give, but my mind saw only the negative.

Of what use could all my suffering be? How squares this with God's love for me?
But God has shown me how much I gain beyond the weakness and the pain.

For my wife and I draw closer now sharing the burden of the final trail,
and with a phone call, friendship card, or letter, friends have reached out, and I feel better.

For until the thing got bad, I never appreciated friends I had.
As my feeble life slips fast away, His word's more precious day-by-day.

But most of all I see a day when this life and sickness pass away.
Then on that day, by God's good grace I'll see my Savior face to face

My Dad seen His Savior face to face on this date