January 05, 2000

What do you mean Sovereign? by Eric Wilson

Although the word sovereign is not found in the Bible, its inferences and substance in imbedded in every text. In the most simplest terms sovereignty means God is God. Only He, unto Himself, can be exalted above all and is God of very God (Psa 97:9). Arthur W. Pink wrote, “Few could comprehend the solitariness of God”. Image “in the beginning”, to mediate on the fullness of that statement, to truly understand that before any He was. He is the Living God, infinite in His being (Isa 44:6). At the same time, as we define it, God is with us always watching over us to do as He wills (Mat 18:20, 28:20). A sovereign God is without any limitations. He is Lord of Heaven and earth, creator of ALL, subject to none, influenced by none, and absolutely the Almighty (I Cor 29:11). Not only is there nothing He cannot do, within His nature, but also there is nothing left to chance. For all things, that are made by Him are within His dominion (Prov 16:4). Anything less than that takes glory away from God. Anything that gives any control to any of His creations most limits God, which takes away any and all sovereignty.

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