May 09, 2009

With A Kiss

Judas betrayed his Master with a KISS! He came to the Lord with evil in his heart, the price of a compromise in his hand, religious devils at his side, and said, “Hail Master”, as he planted a KISS on the Lord’s cheek! This is how most apostates and compromisers operate: they betray the Son of God and the Gospel of grace WITH A KISS. They talk of love, humility, morality, and sugar and spice while they sell out to the religious world and betray the Sovereign Son of God. Men watch their pretended affection and hear their words, “Hail Master”, spoken so softly, smoothly, humbly, and sweetly, and they say, “Can such devout people be ENEMIES of the Lord?” Do not be deceived; sometimes the most devout looking, religious people can be the most hypocritical in the world. Do not be deceived by their kisses. LISTEN TO THEIR GOSPEL! Peter, bearing the sword, had more grace than Judas, who came with a kiss.
- Pastor Henry Mahan