April 12, 2006

God willing

Ponder this question, to what extent do you believe God willing. To what do you trust to be God’s will. Do you trust it to truly be His will that your computer works ok? Do you trust it to be truly His will that you are safe and have money? Do you trust it to be truly His will and that He holds your last breath? Do you trust it to be truly His will and He decided and secured your eternal salvation? Oh wait a minute now that might be going to far… It is blasphemy to say trust in the Lord, trust in the Lord, but to never submit and trust in the Lord. To say you trust in the Lord to do and provide all things and then to say also that God loves everyone and died for everyone and it is up to you is not know or trust the Lord. At what point does man stop trusting God and instead trust themselves. It is sorrow that others will trust a sovereign God to provide and take care of the little things that in eternity mean absolutely nothing but look to themselves for the most important and greatest of all gifts that we are incapable of providing for ourselves.

Can you cry out by His grace and mercy God willing you saved me (Eph 1:5). God willing my name is in the book of Life (Rom 9:11). God willing you died for me (Rom 5:10-11). God willing you called me (Rev 19:9). Because your will would have never done it, desired it, nor could achieve it.