October 17, 2005

True faith! By C.H. Spurgeon

True faith is, in every case, the operation of the Spirit of God. Its nature is purifying, elevating, heavenly. Wherever true faith is found, it is: the sure mark of eternal election, the sign of a blessed condition, and the forecast of a heavenly destiny. If you have true faith, you have infinitely more than he who has all the world.

Faith is
the eye of the renewed soul, the hand of the regenerated mind, the mouth of the newborn spirit.

Faith is
the evidence of spiritual life, the mainspring of holiness, the foundation of delight, the prophecy of glory, and the dawn of endless knowledge.

Faith is
the assurance of sonship; the pledge of inheritance; the grasp of boundless possession; the perception of the invisible.

Within your faith there lies glory, even as the oak sleeps within the acorn. Time would fail me to tell of the powers, the privileges, the possessions and the prospects of faith. He that has faith is blessed, for he pleases God, he is justified before the throne of holiness, he has full access to the throne of grace and he has the preparation for reigning with Christ forever. By Charles Spurgeon