December 30, 2004

Preach repentance by Eric Wilson

Mark 6:12 “And they went out, and preached that men should repent.”

So what is it to repent? What are we commanded to do? Repentance is toward God (Acts 20:21). It is not merely knowing your nature or confessing that you sin against someone but it is being brought to the knowledge that you have spit in the face of the Lord and your nature is total rebellion against His authority. Your repentance is toward the one whom you have offended, it is toward the one that suffered for that sin and nature, it is seeing that each sin against His holy law was one more hammer of the nail that drove into His flesh of His hand. It is weeping that yours and your nature alone was the spear that pierced His side. Repentance is a life long journey that continues to bring us closer to Christ (Rom 7:15-25). Both repentance and faith are necessary and we will not have one without the other. Without repentance releasing the filthy rags it once clung to, faith would not have had empty hands to grasp His grace. Without repentance hating what it once loved, faith could not love what it once hated. Faith could never cry for mercy, if repentance didn’t cry unclean. Repentance is more than just confessing your sins it is a state of heart (I Thes 1:9). It is loathing your flesh and praising His righteousness. It is turning from your sins and turning to God. And so I pray by His grace I shall carry both faith and repentance with me all the way to the gates of Heaven. For each day by His grace as I grow repentance shows me the evil and sins I abhor more and more while faith shows me the light and promise He has provided that I love and rest in more and more. Taken in part from Heart of Doctrine "Do you need to Repent?"