June 10, 2004

Divine Predestination by Don Fortner

“Them he also did predestinate." -- Romans 8:29

Do not be afraid of predestination. And do not be ashamedof it. We are predestinarians, because we believe the Bible; and predestination is a Bible doctrine, full of comfort andjoy for God's saints. Predestination is God's infallible purpose of gracere garding his elect whom he foreknew. It simply means that our eternal destiny was settled by God, andinfallibly secured by him before the world began. In sovereign predestination, God eternally and immutably determined WHO he would save, HOW he would save them,WHEN he would save them, and WHERE he would save them. Then he sovereignly arranged everything necessary, both to accomplish their salvation and to bring them to gloryat last, perfectly conformed to the image of his dear Son.

Predestination marked the house into which grace would come, paved the road by which grace would travel to that house,set the time when grace would enter, and guaranteed that grace actually would come and enter in at the appointed time! Nothing was left to chance, blind fate, luck, or man's imaginary free will! Predestination is no more and no less than God Almighty having arranged from eternity everything necessary to bring his elect children into heaven in the perfection of everlasting life.